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Author: Elliot Hebert

Einstein: What’s It Do?

  On September 19th, 2016, Salesforce unveiled its new superpower, Einstein, an AI innovation meant to thrive under the hood of your business processes and go unnoticed. It brings AI capabilities to your sales, service, and marketing. What is AI exactly? We’ve all seen The Terminator, but that’s not the kind of AI they are exactly going for in this situation. Artificial Intelligence, is just that. It gives your CRM a brain, and makes it smarter. Having a tool that can think for itself and learn on its own is a tool that will be exponentially useful the longer...

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Product Spotlight: Scribe

Product Spotlight: Scribe Scribe is a cloud integration platform that helps a lot of customers connect different data sources like Salesforce to other data sources so that you can easily get data to places that you need it to go Although it is built on its own platform, they have public api’s for every function and every feature, so you can actually allow customers and partners build their own little applets in their salesforce instance. It is a cloud solution so essentially they provide connectors that go in connected in two different applications and data sources and targets, and...

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Product Spotlight: Cloud Craze

Product Spotlight: Cloud Craze Cloud Craze is the only native ISV partnered B2B eCommerce platform build on Salesforce. They help companies like Coca cola sell online to things like restaurants and distributors. Their customers are standardizing on salesforce and they want to manage everything in terms of customer relationships, and customer touch points on Salesforce. By launching commerce, they can sell their products online so they don’t need to take fax orders or take orders over the phone or have sales reps go to smaller shops to sell their products online. It really allows their customers to service and...

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Product Spotlight: Geopointe

Product Spotlight: Geopointe Geo-analytics is quickly growing as a tool within the salesforce ecosystem. Geopointe is one of the tools that can put geographic labels on your salesforce data and processes. It is common for sales organizations that are in field sales to gravitate to geopointe. They are looking to making their people more productive in the field. How does this work? Let’s paint a scenario. Imagine someone you know traveling to an area, maybe they’re not super familiar with it but it’s part of their territory. They can plan ahead so they can understand what customers or prospects are...

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Product Spotlight: SMS Magic

Product Spotlight: SMS Magic SMS Magic is a texting solution that is fully integrated within the Salesforce platform. So anytime you want to send text messages to potential clients or current clients, and you’re not getting any reception with calls and email — which is very common, text messaging is the new wave of communication. SMS Magic will seamlessly integrate with Salesforce, and it allows you to keep track of all the incoming and outgoing conversations that you’re having with your customers all within your Salesforce CRM. One of their newer features is called conversation view. What it is...

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