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Author: Jeremy Whittington

Build, Clean & Segment Your Email Lists with FreshAddress

What’s more infuriating than an email bounce back? It doesn’t really matter who you are or what role you have. Customer support reps and marketers alike despise the automated response from a drone of a server. It means your handcrafted message offering an elegant solution or creative spark kicking off a new campaign has flown into the void. The black hole of the Internet. FreshAddress is built to repair this, and many other nuisances that strike any business with addresses, physical or electronic. The focus remains raising your company’s email marketing return on investment. This is why the email...

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Bring All the Video Data to the Yard with VidYard

Getting usable data from your video production expenses is paramount in this ever-increasing video-first world. Like it or not, the Internet is becoming less reliant on the written word as bandwidth speeds increase and costs decrease. These collections of letters sprawled inside HTML code will never leave us, much like books, but they are becoming more and more an afterthought as the Internet ages. You’re probably thinking “Isn’t that why we have YouTube?” In short, yes, it is. But, and this is a massive but that Sir Mix A Lot would be a fan of if it had an...

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A Simple Apex Test Class for REST API

APIs with the platform are incredibly powerful. They let developers perform simple CRUD operations with the most basic code. The use of various API methods is only becoming more and more common. And yet there are scant few concrete examples of writing a test class. Searching generally turns up high-level examples and descriptions. This post is geared to correct that problem. It’s a very simple, yet concrete example of a REST API class and a related test class required for deployment. Nothing fancy, but, shockingly lacking across the salesforce development ecosystem. Let’s set the stage What you see...

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Too many query rows: 50001 Read only is your friend

I ran into a legacy custom visualforce page at a client that was getting the error “Too many query rows: 50001”. After some quick googling I found that in the Winter 12 release, Salesforce added two features that can help you. @ReadOnly Annotation Visualforce controller methods with the @ReadOnly annotation automatically take advantage of read-only mode. However, restrictions on the @ReadOnly annotation means that, for Visualforce controller methods, a read-only method must also have the @RemoteAction annotation. The @RemoteAction annotation requires that the method be: Either global or public static (source) Visualforce ReadOnly Attribute <apex:page controller="SummaryStatsController" readOnly="true"> <p>Here is...

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