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Author: Jeremy Whittington

Spanning – The Only In-App Backup Solution for Salesforce (Interview)

This year at Dreamforce 2014 we caught up with Garrett Jones, the VP of Sales for Spanning, to discuss Spanning Backup. Spanning Backup for Salesforce is the first and only backup and restore solution delivered directly within the Salesforce interface. Backing up and recovering from data loss is easy with Spanning Backup’s automated, secure, point-in-time backups and granular, on-page...

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Take control of your Salesforce Communities Branding

If you have ever tried to build a custom branded community on chances are you have run into a problem with Salesforce injecting its own HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Some of the first things Salesforce introduced were the showHeader, sidebar and standardStylesheets attributes on <apex:page />. These attributes allow you to control whether or not the standard Salesforce header/footer, sidebar and stylesheets (CSS) are rendered in the visualforce page. If you set showHeader=”false” the header, footer, sidebar, and menu will not be rendered. If you set sidebar=”false” the sidebar will not be rendered. If you set standardStylesheets=”false” the Salesforce css files will...

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