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A few quick reference guides for Salesforce Administrators.

A few quick reference guides for Salesforce Administrators.

salesforce-certificationsWhether your a new admin on the job or a veteran who needs to refer to some information that you haven’t used in the workplace in awhile, it is always good have to some handy dandy notes nearby to put the light bulb back over your head.

While has a great help guide with all the information you could ask for, it can be overwhelming in it’s huge wall of text glory. So here are a few visualized cheat sheets for your every day admin!

An interactive cheat sheet for Reports
This is a quick reference where you can pull up a few common limits that can be filtered by salesforce edition and a few other quick notes for your reporting.

A quick reference guide for record types
These are a few do’s and dont’s with record types for those who do not use them on a regular basis.

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Elliot Hebert

I am a young salesforce professional interested in creating material to help others learn salesforce. In my spare time I am a musician and an avid PC Gamer.

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