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A List Of Trailhead Modules To Get You Ready For The App Builder Exam

A List Of Trailhead Modules To Get You Ready For The App Builder Exam

Trailhead Modules To Help You Pass Your Salesforce Exam

Flashcards are great, and there a host of them out there specifically for studying for salesforce exams. But sometimes memorizing questions and answers doesn’t get the job done. Here is a list of modules that have word for word questions on the the app builder exam. Now, not every question on the exam can be found in Trailhead, but about 65-70% of the possible questions can be found in these modules.

  1. Process Automation – Figure Out Which Tool To Use
  2. Data Security – Overview of Data Security
  3. User Management – Control What Your Users Can AccessData Security – Overview Of Data Security
  4. Chatter Basics – Create Publisher Actions
  5. Lightning App Builder – Get Started With The Lightning App Builder
  6. Salesforce Connect – Introduction To Salesforce Connect
  7. Salesforce1 Mobile Basics – Getting Started With The Salesforce1 Mobile App
  8. Reports & Dashboards – Introduction To Reports And Dashboards
  9. Data Modeling – Work With Schema Builder
  10. Quick Start: Salesforce Connect – Create An External Lookup Relationship
  11. Data Modeling – Understand Custom & Standard Objects
  12. Change Management – Develop And Test With Sandbox
  13. Salesforce Connect – Integrate External Data
  14. Data Management – Import Data
  15. Data Management – Export Data
  16. Change Management – Deploy Changes Safely
  17. Application Lifecycle Management – Plan Your Production Deployment
  18. Application Lifecycle Management – Lean More About Sandboxes
  19. Application Lifecycle Management – Introduction To Application Lifecycle Management

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