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Midwest Dreamin: Haka Connect – Be prepared for your next sales call with customer intelligence

Help your sales people show up for customer meetings by understanding who the buyer is, who the customer is and what their business priorities are so they can better communicate value.

• Improve new customer acquisition by helping buyers ‘connect the dots’ between their needs and your offerings
• Increase ROI by achieving expected business results in weeks instead of months
• Slash sales cycles with an understanding of how to engage each buyer involved in a sale

Buyers today are more connected and more informed. They have more choices and have higher expectations of value. They decide how to research, engage, interact, and transact with suppliers. They don’t want to be sold, they want to be educated.

About The Author

Jeremy Whittington

Jeremy Whittington is the Founder & CEO of Thinkaholics, a cloud computing news and consulting firm. Over his 20 year career, Jeremy has served as an adviser, architect, and developer.

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