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Jeremy Whittington is the Founder & CEO of Thinkaholics, a cloud computing news and consulting firm. Over his 20 year career, Jeremy has served as an adviser, architect, and developer.


  1. Billy

    Thanks your article, but I still don’t understand where to enable it. May you point me to the correct profile/setting page?

  2. Josh

    So how do you fix it ? not sure what is meant by “Correct profile determined it was a simple task to enabled access to the new Visualforce page created for the Community” ? How do you enable a new visual force page ?

  3. Patrick Mullhern

    That’s the rub. You need to determine which of your community groups can’t access the given VF page. It could be referencing any group you have as they are (likely) all considered to be a Community Guest User.

    This implementation had only a handful of profiles that come into the portal so it wasn’t a huge hunt.

  4. Sriram Lingamallu

    Hi Josh,

    1. From Setup, click Customize > Communities > All Communities, then click the Manage button next to the community name.
    2. Under Advanced Customizations, click the Go to link.
    3. In the Site Visualforce Pages, click Edit.
    4. Select your custom Visualforce page from the Available Visualforce Pages and Add it to Enabled Visualforce Pages.
    5. Click Save

    This worked out for me!

    Else follow the PDF file salesforce_communities_implementation.pdf

    Go to Page 19(printed on the pdf), you can find additional details!


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